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 Verviers gig - Spirit of '66 - 25-9-12

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PostSubject: Verviers gig - Spirit of '66 - 25-9-12   Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:29 am

Holy cow! Found out at the last minute that the PT band were appearing at the 'Spirit of '66' club in our cosy corner of Belgium and we went along. First saw him at Reading in 1980 and have always loved the joyful swing that he injects into his playing of whatever style.

Punchy and big sounding versions of Heat in the Street, Gettin Better, and Crash and Burn were fantastic, but what we (naively) were not so prepared for was the extreme tightness and creativity of the band as a whole. They seemed to breathe life as one!

I've got to catch up and explore PT's later blues incarnations now, because at one point (after a sqeaky-tight version of 'Black Dog Blues') the sheer depth and dark grittyness of 'Death Letter' from his latest 'Blues on Fire' album of re-worked songs from the 1920's, left the house almost silent in a kind of cross-cultural stun! Pat was almost apologetic for its darkness afterwards, but I think the crowd were actually still a little shocked and pondering the raw emotional power of what they had just heard - I know I was.

For all gearheads: PT was playing the usual various guitars through a Line6 M9 Stompbox Modeler and and Ibanez Tube King overdrive (the red high voltage one). Don't know which order or where in the amp chain though (wish I asked - does anyone know?) Blackstar dual speaker amp miked with what looked like a condenser and standard - one on each speaker.

Then to top it all, PT comes out to meet and greet all comers. Thanks again PT & co for spreading the fun into Belgium! You are REAL stars.

(PS, did you ever look into also playing in Bruxelles - there is a large anglophone expat community there with a pretty healthy music scene - one for next time?)
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Verviers gig - Spirit of '66 - 25-9-12
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